After 10 successful years of trading under the Big Eye Branding name we reached a point where our Local and Global Export business models differed substantially in their needs and services. This spawned the emergence of the Promobasket Brand.
While our Big Eye Branding business focuses mainly on exporting to Global Brands and their development and promotion, our Promobasket brand aims to service the needs of businesses with a more focused in-country approach, with local offices, and a strong local team, but backed by the Groups history and experience. 

The Promobasket business leverages off the heritage and core functions of the Big Eye Branding Group, but our focus is to deliver an exceptional online shopping experience, primarily through our online portal combined with our competent sales people and backed by a “behind the scenes” network of modern management systems, well executed supply chain and world class branded products.

Our aim is to place our “Thousands of Branded Products” conveniently at your fingertips, and to get them to you as efficiently as possible to allow you to promote and grow your brand.